Install JDK Java Ubuntu

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-installer



Eclipse SmartGWT Instructions

  1. Download SmartGWT. Extract somewhere safe.
  2. Install Eclipse and Eclipse GWT Plugins (See Instructions)
  3. New Web Application Project


    * Don’t have to enable Google App Engine

  4. Copy smartgwt-skins.jar and smartgwtee.jar from the extracted smartgwtee/lib to project/lib
    Screen Shot 2559-11-21 at 9.15.26 PM.png
  5. Add 2 jars to project built path
    Screen Shot 2559-11-21 at 9.17.17 PM.png
  6. Remove h1 and table andfrom body of main html file in war/
    Screen Shot 2559-11-21 at 9.25.46 PM.png
  7. Add the following code to head
    Screen Shot 2559-11-21 at 9.28.49 PM.png

    <script>var isomorphicDir = “simplegwtproject/sc/”script>
    <script src=“simplegwtproject/sc/modules/ISC_Core.js”>script>
    <script src=“simplegwtproject/sc/modules/ISC_Foundation.js”>script>
    <script src=“simplegwtproject/sc/modules/ISC_Containers.js”>
    <script src=“simplegwtproject/sc/modules/ISC_Grids.js”>script>
    <script src=“simplegwtproject/sc/modules/ISC_Forms.js”>script>
    <script src=“simplegwtproject/sc/modules/ISC_RichTextEditor.js”>script>
    <script src=“simplegwtproject/sc/modules/ISC_Calendar.js”>script>
    <script src=“simplegwtproject/sc/modules/ISC_DataBinding.js”>script>
    <script src=“simplegwtproject/sc/skins/EnterpriseBlue/load_skin.js”>script>

  8. * Change  simplegwtproject to your project name
  9. Add more memory to JVM arguments in Run Configurations -> Arguments
    Screen Shot 2559-11-21 at 9.18.29 PM.png
  10. Test Sample Code from (SmartGWT Showcase). Add the sample code to in client package
  11. Run the project in GWT Super Dev Mode.
    Try adding more memory to JVM Arguments if error related to out of memory.

Download full source code here